Eshleman Elementary Holds 6th Annual World Food Fair

Offering everything from the familiar, whoopie pies and chicken pot pie, to the exotic, Australian alligator hush puppies and kangaroo meat, Eshleman Elementary’s 6th annual world food fair offered something for everyone! Foods from 28 different countries were served by students and their families to the public. With each country’s flag positioned above the food stands, the guests who visited the food fair could choose their favorites or try something new. Ostrich jerky, baklava, gallo pinto, Scottish shortbread, oi saengch’ae, curried carrots, pelmeni, and many other dishes tempted the huge turnout to this popular event on April 4th. Musicians from Millersville University added multicultural music while other Millersville University students offered crafts from other countries. A cookbook of the food served is available for purchase. Contact Eshleman Elementary for more information.