Coordinators and Supervisors

Agricultural Education Coordinator
Neil Fellenbaum, 717-872-9520, ext. 1590

Applied Engineering, Technology, and Business Coordinator
Christa Craig, 717-872-9520, ext. 1526

Art Coordinator
Jeff Himes, 717-872-9520, ext.1583

Assistant Business Manager
Judy Duke, 717-872-9500 ext. 2243

Assistant Director of Student Support Services
Julie Yost
717-872-9500, ext. 2227

Assistant Director of Student Support Services
Stephanie Herrmann
(717) 872-9500 ext. 3106

Assistant Technology Director
Chad Billman, 717-872-9500 ext. 1865

Athletic Director
Pat Tocci, 717-872-9520, ext. 1367

Attendance Officer
Beth Shultz, 717-872-9520, ext. 1824

Buildings and Grounds Director
Chip Mathias, 717-872-9500, ext. 2238

Community Relations Coordinator
Brian Wallace, 717-872-9500, ext. 2241

Counseling Coordinator
Melissa Ostrowski, 717-872-9520, ext. 1822

Data Services Coordinator and PIMS Administrator
Diana Entrekin, 717-872-9500 ext. 2350

Director of Student Support Services
Denise Galen
717-872-9500, ext. 2244

English and Language Arts Supervisor
Lindsay Feger, 717-872-9500

English as a Second Language Coordinator
Wendy Letavic

Food Services Coordinator
Courtney Kolp, 717-872-9500, ext. 1829

Health Services and Homeless Liaison
Dr. Jerry Egan, 717-872-9500, ext. 2250

Human Resources Director
Courtney Kunes

Mathematics Supervisor
Kathy Grenier, 717-872-9520, ext. 1609

Music Coordinator
Andrew Johnson, 717-872-9520, ext.1598

Open Records Officer
Dr. Phil Gale, 872-9500 ext. 2223

Physical Education Coordinator
TBA 872-9520

Lisa Ammon (Hambright and Letort)
Lisa Collins (Martic, Pequea and Marticville Middle)
Tiffany Eberly (Central Manor and High School grade 9)
Tamara Weaver (High School grades 10-12)
Jen Smyth (Conestoga, Eshleman and Manor Middle School)

Registrar and Child Accounting
Bria Van Cleve, 872-9500, ext. 2233

Science Coordinator
Josh Bressler, 872-9500

Social Studies Coordinators
Jeremy Kirchner (9-12), 872-9520

Social Worker, Secondary
Keila Torres, 872-9500, ext. 1259

Social Worker, Elementary
Joyce Meley, 872-9503, ext. 3748

Transportation Coordinator
Jason McClune, 872-9500, ext. 2236 

World Languages Coordinator
Melissa Mintzer, 717-872-9520, ext.1515