Penn Manor School District library books can be returned to any library in the district. If students or parent have books they are not sure how to return, please bring them to whichever school is easiest for you.

Mission Statement

Penn Manor Libraries are committed to ensuring our students become competent users of information. Through teaching, selection, and use of quality
resources, we support the curriculum at every level.

Print and electronic resources are provided and encompass vocational, personal, and community interests. There is a positive and supportive atmosphere where staff and students can read for pleasure, locate information for research, or work collaboratively on school projects.

Library Advisory Board

The library belongs to everyone in the school community. In recognition and support of this philosophy, Penn Manor School District’s library department has created a Library Advisory Board. This board’s function is to provide a support base for district library services in the areas of:

  • Troubleshooting immediate problems (e.g. book challenges)
  • Establishing and refining policies (e.g. material selection)
  • Evaluating the library program
  • Engaging in long-term problem solving and planning for major objectives and concerns

Meetings are held twice a year (once a semester) and beyond that on an as-needed basis. Standing board members include the district librarians, library coordinator, and director of technology. Other members such as a principal, parent, teacher and student rotate each year.

Library Staff

Central Manor

Librarian: Cassie Bosley
Library Aide: Sonya Charles
Phone: 717-872-1401 ext. 3206


Librarian: Lori Paules
Library Aide: Megan Frey
Phone: 717-872-9535 ext. 3504


Librarian: Lori Paules
Library Aide: Diana Calender
Phone: 717-872-9540 ext.3604


Librarian: Cassie Bosley
Library Aide: Lauren Weaver
Phone: 717-393-3818 ext. 3745


Librarian: Lori Paules
Library Aide: Sandy Ulmer
Phone: 717-872-9530 ext. 3038


Librarian: Lori Paules
Library Aide: Karen Giffin
Phone: 717-284-4128 ext. 3406


Librarian: Grace Painter
Library Aide: Julie Burkholder
Phone: 717-464-3831 ext. 3842

Manor Middle

Librarian: Jeffrey Taylor
Library Aide: Tracy Rennecker
Phone: 717-872-9510 ext. 3145

Marticville Middle

Librarian: TBD
Library Aide: Shelva Charles
Phone: 717-291-9854 ext. 3367

Penn Manor High School

Librarian: Jeffrey Taylor
Library Aides: Barb Shoff and Ellen Goodman
Phone: 717-872-9520 ext. 1241