School Board

About the school board

Penn Manor School District is governed by a nine-member board of directors whose members are elected at large by the citizens of Manor, Pequea, Martic and Conestoga townships and Millersville Borough. School board members serve four-year terms of office and are not paid for their services.

The school board is a policy-making body whose primary function is to formulate and evaluate policies necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the school district. The district is managed by an administrative team that works within the scope of the existing school board policy. The administrative team is led by the superintendent of schools, who is appointed by the Board.

School board meetings

Meetings of the school board are conducted at the district’s administrative offices or selected school sites. The committee of the whole meets preceding each school board meeting. Meeting dates are established in December of the previous school year. They are made available to the public via the media, postings in meeting locations prior to the meetings and the school calendar. All deliberations and official business of the board are conducted in open, public sessions. The board may, however, conduct an executive session that is not open to the public. The presiding officer shall announce the purpose of moving into executive session prior to convening. Under the Sunshine Act, 65 P.S. 271, et seq., the board may discuss the following matters in an executive session: employment issues, personnel matters, labor relations, the purchase or lease of real estate, consultation with an attorney or other professional advisers regarding potential litigation or identifiable complaints that may lead to litigation, and matters which must be conducted in private to protect the lawful privilege of confidentiality. Even if a matter/issue is appropriately discussed in executive session, official action must be taken in public. The school board president/chairperson shall call for public comments before voting on agenda items.

The agenda: order of business

Roll call
Approval of minutes
Student Representative to School Board
Superintendent’s report
Treasurer’s report
Payment of bills
Agenda items requiring Board action
Citizens’ comments

Scheduling an appearance on the agenda

Any individual or group wishing to address the Board may do so prior to voting on agenda items or during the Citizens’ comments portion of the meeting.The Board is willing to listen to comments but they may choose not to reply until they have appropriately investigated the situation/issue

Administrative Guidelines

Penn Manor’s Administrative Guidelines / Regulations can be found attached to their corresponding board policies. If you are looking for a specific Regulation, visit our School Board Policy Manual.