School Board Directors

Dr. Richard L. Frerichs
Joined Board: December 1997; Term Expires: December 2021
Occupation: Retired educator

Reason for Serving:  As the father of two daughters who are graduates of Penn Manor, I believe that providing a quality public education to all students in the district is a responsibility that should be shared by all of its citizens.  As a retired educator and lifelong learner, I am committed to maintaining the balance between the financial limitations of our taxpayers and the academic capacity of our students.  Being a member of the school board enables me to fulfill this commitment and take an active role in accepting this responsibility.

Dr. Joseph Fullerton – Vice President
Joined Board: November 2013; Term Expires: December 2023
Occupation: Principal, Technical College High School Pickering Campus

Reason for Serving:  I have a strong desire to give back to the community in which I live.  I made a conscious decision to live in the Penn Manor School District because of the innovative program offerings for all students.  I feel my experience in education as well as in civic endeavors have prepared me to be an asset to this board, the students and the community that we serve.

Dell Jackson
Joined Board: December 2019; Term Expires: December 2023
Occupation: Retired teacher

Reason for Serving: As a retired teacher, I have the time and willingness to give back to the community that has given so much to me and my family. The education that our two Penn Manor graduates received was outstanding and instrumental in their adult life. I believe that I can help with educational decisions based on my experience in teaching, health care issues, athletics and conflict resolution.

Mrs. Nickole Nafziger
Joined Board: December 2017; Term Expires: December 2021
Occupation: Business owner

The Penn Manor community continues to have a positive impact on my family, and I desire to give back to the community that has contributed to our successes. As a Penn Manor graduate and parent, I want to see that all students receive an outstanding education while assuring that the district is fiscally responsible to the constituents of Penn Manor.

Mr. David Paitsel 
Joined Board: December 2013; Term Expires: December 2021
Occupation: Senior customer sales & service representative, Alcoa North American Rolled Products

Reason for Serving:  Penn Manor School District has an excellent board that prioritizes quality education for students and accountability to parents and taxpayers.  As a father with a daughter in the district, I hope to maintain the strength of our school system so students continue to receive a quality education that focuses on the skills and knowledge they need to be successful later in life.

Mr. Carlton L. Rintz – President
Joined Board: December 2003; Term Expires: December 2023
Occupation: Business owner

Reason for Serving: I have a passion for youth and the ever-increasing value of a quality education. I am a firm advocate of the public education system and the benefits it provides to our children and our community. It is my hope that by serving on Penn Manor School Board, I can utilize my skills and abilities in effort to continue to better the overall education experience for our children, while at the same time being fiscally responsible to those that elected me to serve in this capacity. I also feel a responsibility to serve and give back to the community in which I reside.

Mr. Christopher C. Straub
Joined Board: December 2009; Term Expires: December 2021 
Occupation: Attorney/partner with Pyfer, Straub, Gray & Farhat, P.C.

Reason for Serving: I desire to provide service to the school district in which my children have been so well-educated.

Mr. Mitchell Sweigart
Joined Board: February 2018; Term Expires: December 2023
Occupation: Account executive, BeneFix

Reason for Serving: I am interested in serving the public in a very meaningful way. I am dedicated to repaying the great deeds of the Penn Manor community that helped me become the person I am today. I believe I can do this on the Penn Manor school board.

Ms. Donna Wert
Joined Board: August 1998; Term Expires: December 2023 
Occupation: Retired teacher

Reason for Serving: During my tenure on the board, I have had the pleasure of seeing Penn Manor attain accomplishments in both academic and co-curricular arenas of which the entire community can be proud. These include not only state but national and international competitions and awards. I have the privilege of forwarding these accomplishments to my three adult children who continue to be proud of their alma mater.  I will remain diligent in helping to steer the district in a direction that works to produce graduates, regardless of their areas of interest, who are well-prepared to be contributing members of a rapidly changing workforce, with integrity and a solid work ethic.

To contact school board members, please direct your inquiry to the board secretary.

Board Secretary – Mrs. Cindy Rhoades

Board Treasurer – Mr. Christopher Johnston

Student Representatives – 

District SolicitorKegel Kelin Litts & Lord

District AuditorsBrown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz

Board Committees 1-6-2020

Current School Board – Members of the board are (front row, from left) Nicki Nafziger, Mitchell Sweigart, Carlton “Herk” Rintz, Donna Wert, (back row, from left) Dell Jackson, Christopher Straub, Joseph Fullerton,  David Paitsel and Richard Frerichs.