Tax Office

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Tax Office Phone: 717-872-9500, ext. 2252
For current tax year general information, contact our Tax Hotline at 717-872-9500, ext. 2301

2022-2023 property tax rate: 17.9363 mills

Tax due date for full payment:
2% Discount: August 31
Base: October 31
At Penalty: December 31

Due dates for three-installment plan:
1st Installment  – August 31
2nd Installment – October 31
3rd Installment – December 31

After December 31, unpaid balances will be turned over to Lancaster County Tax Claim Bureau (717-299-8232)

Important tax collection procedures
Real estate tax bills are mailed annually on or about July 1. Failure to receive your tax bill does not relieve you from payment or entitle you to a remission of penalty or extension of payment deadlines. If you do not receive a real estate tax bill by July 15, please call the Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau at 717-569-4521, option 4.
All tax bills are sent directly to the property owner. Owners are responsible for forwarding the bill to their mortgage company. Please confirm the correct mailing address and payment procedures with your mortgage company prior to forwarding.

You may choose to pay your real estate taxes in full payment or opt in to the district installment plan by making your first installment by August 31. Payments are accepted by mail or at any Fulton Bank as long as you have an original tax bill.

Per capita/occupation taxes were eliminated effective July 1, 2000.

For additional questions about your taxes please email the Penn Manor Tax Office here.