Mr. Dutton gets a hair cuttin’ – for a good cause

Martic Elementary School music teacher Allan Dutton is known for his infectious smile, his love of music and – for the last 20 years – his pony tail.

But recently, Dutton decided it was time to get his trademark long hair cut.

Instead of going to his local hair salon, he plopped onto a chair on the Martic Elementary stage Monday morning before 300 students and teachers to watch his beloved locks fall, snip by snip.

Dubbed “The Dutton Hair Cuttin’,” the event raised more than $280 for Penn Manor CARES, a nonprofit that helps Penn Manor families in need.

Students could buy tickets for $1 apiece for a chance to snip their music teacher’s hair onstage, and staff members held a dress-down day Monday, with all proceeds going to Penn Manor CARES.

In all, 180 tickets were sold, and $101 was raised by teachers and staff.

The event started with Dutton leading students in – what else? – a song. He then went onstage, where hairdresser Tanya Wise – a Martic alumna and parent – arranged his locks into pigtails. Five lucky students then took turns snipping off each section as the crowd cheered them on. The last clump of hair was left for Dutton’s wife, Jane, to cut off.

Wise then “cleaned up” Dutton’s new ‘do with a pair of clippers. Pony tail no more!

“I was a little nervous going into it,” Dutton said afterwards. “It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve seen my head without long hair. When I was up there, I felt like I was in good hands – the kids’ and Jane’s, with guidance from the pro, Tanya.

“It will take a while to get used to it, but first impression is fine.”

Dutton said he was happy he could turn his historic haircut into a positive.

“I think it went very well. The students had a fun time watching and cheering for the ‘mane event.’ We raised $281 for a good cause, and the hair is being donated to Locks Of Love.”

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