Student gives treats to Hambright workers

Hambright Elementary third-grader Jenna Breitbach knew it was a cold job for the workers swarming over the construction site of the new Hambright Elementary School this winter. So when Jenna’s teacher, Thomas Brighter, challenged the class to perform a “random act of kindness,” Jenna’s thoughts turned to those workers.

Limited to a budget of no more than $3, she purchased 18 100 Grand candy bars and attached each of them to a colorful card that reads “Thank you for building our new school.”

On Monday, Jenna presented her gift box to Shake Spitler, project supervisor for MCA Construction, general contractor on the $19.5 million project. Spitler shared the goodies with his fellow workers. Jenna said she thought the workers would appreciate a small gift from one of the students who is eagerly awaiting the opening of the new school next year.

Hambright principal Jerry Egan praised Jenna’s act of kindness.

“At Hambright we promote student leadership,” he said. “Jenna’s project is an example of thinking beyond herself to help others. Thank you, Jenna, for your leadership and thoughtfulness.”

Hambright third-grader Jenna Breightback gives a box of treats to Shake Spitler, MCA Construction supervisor.
Hambright third-grader Jenna Breightbach gives a box of treats to Shake Spitler, MCA Construction supervisor, at the Hambright construction site.