PMHS to conduct evacuation drill Nov. 11

    Penn Manor High School will conduct an evacuation drill on November 11 involing all students and staff, who will meet at designated “rally points” away from the building. Here is the announcement from principal Dr. Phil Gale:
 Evacuation drill letter–Nov. 2016


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Throughout the school year, we conduct various drills to practice keeping everyone safe in the event of an emergency. These drills include monthly fire drills and annual severe weather and intruder drills.  The safety of students and staff is our top priority and, while we hope and pray that these types of situations do not occur, we must take steps to be prepared.

On Friday, November 11, we will be conducting an evacuation drill, which will require all persons to safely leave the high school building and meet at designated spots away from the school. After an announcement is made over the school public address system, students and staff will exit the high school in an orderly fashion and move to pre-determined “rally points” along the perimeter of the campus. These locations have been designated as places where all persons are safely removed from an emergency situation and easily accessible to emergency responders.

The purpose of this drill is to familiarize students with these rally points in the event we would need to evacuate the building. The drill should last approximately 15 minutes. If there is inclement weather on November 11, the drill will be rescheduled for a later date.

We appreciate the support of the community, the professionalism of our staff, and the conduct of our students in all of our school safety endeavors. Please feel free to contact Assistant Principal Dr. Jason D’Amico or myself if you have any questions.


Philip B. Gale, Ed.D.