Sapphire Portal Information/Help

Update: The Sapphire Portal login procedure is changing. Parents will soon be asked to create a new username and password. PIN codes will not be required. See the new parent instructions in English and Spanish (PDF).

Click here to  log into the Sapphire Portal.
Student attendance and grading information is available to parents of student in grades 3-12. Teachers generally update grade information every two weeks.

Student Accounts
Effective August 2021, a Sapphire student account includes a username and password. PIN codes are no longer needed. Sapphire account information is given to incoming 7th graders in August. Students who did not receive initial login instructions, or those who are newly enrolled, may visit the school main office for login information.

Parent Accounts
Parents and guardians are encouraged to create an account online. Do so by visiting: and clicking on the Create a Web Portal Account link under the Getting Started section of the site.

The keyword is: comets

Parents are required to accept the site policy  and complete the online account application. Be sure to include all of your children enrolled in the Penn Manor School District under the Children Information section so they are all linked to your account. Please complete all required fields and press Save and Continue.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved you will receive an approval email, at the address you provided.

Parents may setup email notifications that signal when teachers have posted grades and/or other information to their student’s online Backpack.

Lost Passwords
For security reasons, the district will not disclose username or password information over the phone or via email. Parents or students who have lost passwords may stop by the main office of their school to have the password reset. Parents may be asked to produce proper identification to retrieve their student’s account information.

Compatibility, Cookies, and Pop-up Windows
Sapphire is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows systems running a current web browser. We recommend the latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

For Sapphire to function properly, Cookies must be accepted for via your web browser. Sapphire may use pop-up windows to notify users of important information and announcements. Please turn off any pop-up blocking software you may use when you enter the website. Sapphire never uses pop-ups for advertisements.

Questions, problems, and suggestions regarding Sapphire can be sent to: