History of Penn Manor School District

In his History of Penn Manor Schools, A. Norman Ranck states, “Prior to 1953, the component school districts which today form the Penn Manor School District were Conestoga, Manor, Martic, Millersville, Pequea, and Washington Boro.”  During preliminary meetings held between 1948 and 1953 to discuss the eventual consolidation of local schools, many names were suggested for the district.  The Name Penn Manor was selected to reflect the area’s history as part of William Penn’s land.  Final consolidation of all individual school districts occurred in 1967 when Dr. Elmer Berkebile was appointed as the first Superintendent of Schools.  Prior to Dr. Berkebile’s appointment, a supervising principal was in charge of the individual municipal schools and was overseen by a single County Superintendent.

Since the village of Millersville was part of Manor Township until Millersville was incorporated in 1932, the early history of their schools is intertwined.

The following individuals served as supervising principal of Manor Township/Millersville Borough schools:

1921 – 1924  Dr. W. D. Marburger

1924 – 1943  Dr. D. Luke Biemesderfer

1943 – 1967  A. Norman Ranck

The following individuals served as Superintendent of Penn Manor School District:

1967 – 1983  Dr. Elmer Berkebile

1983 – 1996  Noel Taylor

1996 – 2000  Dr. Michael Moskalski

2000 – 2002  Dr. Gary Campbell

2002 – 2009  Donald Stewart

2009 – 2022  Dr. Michael Leichliter

2022-Present  Dr. Philip Gale

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