Photos of nine retirees and three honored employees

Penn Manor honors 2023-2024 retirees, Educators and Employee of the Year

Penn Manor honored 17 retirees with more than 400 combined years of service, along with three Employees of the Year and its longtime staff members during Employee Recognition Night, held May 1 at Penn Manor High School.

The 45th annual event included a catered reception, followed by recognition of the Outstanding Educators/Employee of the Year and videotaped interviews with 10 of this year’s retirees.

Mark Andrew, an applied engineering teacher at Central Manor and Hambright Elementary Schools, was named the Outstanding Elementary Educator for 2023-2024.

“Mark’s ability to build relationships is unparalleled,” said Hambright principal Eric Howe. “Applied Engineering is not an easy subject, but Mark has empowered his student to not be afraid, take chances and work hard because of the relationships he has fostered with them.”

Doug Kramer, student support facilitator at Penn Manor High School, was the Outstanding Secondary Teacher of the Year.

“Over the past 32 years, Doug has had a positive influence on thousands of students and has helped shape Penn Manor to be the community that we are today,” said high school principal Doug Eby, who quoted a parent who said  “it’s very obvious that Mr. Kramer truly cares about the students he works with.”

Kelly McNeal, Penn Manor’s athletic trainer, was honored as the Outstanding Employee of the Year.

“Kelly’s commitment and dedication to seeing our student athletes thrive on and off the field is undeniable,” said Pat Tocci, Penn Manor athletic director. “She not only helps them get back to competition in a safe manner, but helps them become better people because of the relationships she has developed.”

This year’s retirees include Diana Alston, Karen Bierly, Diana Calender, Kelly Eby, Dana Edwards, Kathy  Grenier, Tammee Iddings, Connie Jackson, Beth Kaplan, Lisa Martin, Stacey McElheney, Sarah  Repkoe, Beth Shenenberger, Laura Stephan, John Wealand, Heather Wigerman and Mary Wittemann.  

A video of interviews with 10 of the retirees was part of the program, which also is available for viewing. Also recognized May 1 were longtime Penn Manor employees, including:

35 Years: Dusty Axe  

30 Years: Valerie Bosso, Gretchen Braun, Erin Kreck, Shelly Kyle, Beth Mader, Amy Wall.  

25 Years: Debra Drexel, Kelly Eby, Jerry Egan, Steve Evans, Ellen Goodman, Quay Hanna,  Michelle Henry, Kathy Houck, Kim Juba, Scott Keddie, Maricia Kligge, Brian Malek, Trevor  Mattern, Brian Reinking, Cynthia Schieber, Ken Webster, Heather Wigerman, Brian Wimer, Julie Yoder.  

20 Years: Jason Binkley, Diane Bitts, Judy Duke, James Horner, Tammee Iddings, Tim Joyce, Steve Kramer,  Kim Marsh, Chris Meier, Barry Miller, Heather Paquette, Shari Reifsnyder, Brandy Smith, Nadine  Smith, Jeff Taylor.  

Congratulations to all of our employees, and best wishes to this year’s retirees!

  • Nine retirees posing on the auditorium stage
    Retirees, from left, Mary Wittemann, Heather Wigerman, Stacey McElheny, Connie Jackson (kneeling), Laura Stephan, Dana Edwards, Diana Alston, Elizabeth Kaplan and Karen Bierly, at the ceremony.