Nine photos of tractors.

Tractors are the stars as high school kicks off Ag Week

In honor of National Agriculture Week (March 17-24), Penn Manor High School held a Drive Your Tractor to School Day on March 18.

A dozen rigs of all shapes and sizes arrived at the high school around 8 a.m. and were on display throughout the day as students stopped by to learn about the machines.

The tractors, nearly all of which are used in family farming operations, ranged from a tiny 1940 Ford tractor (named “Bessie”) to several hulking six-wheeled rigs equipped with the latest GPS technology and air-conditioned cabs.

Students piloted the tractors to and from the high school, some traveling for more than an hour each way to participate.

The annual showcase is a longtime tradition in Penn Manor, where hundreds of families are involved in farming and related agricultural industries.

Students who came out to see the tractors were challenged to complete a scavenger hunt based on questions about each machine. Some examples: How many forward gears does this tractor have, what are the attachments on the front, and why does the tractor need a fuel shutoff?

The tractor drivers were available to respond to questions and let students sit on the rigs for photo-ops.

It was great to see so many students sharing their enthusiasm about the importance of agriculture to the Penn Manor community!

  • Students walk among nine tractors in the high school parking lot.