Several students working on laptops at desks in a classroom.

Internet safety resources for parents and caregivers

Penn Manor parents, here is the text of an email recently sent to you regarding internet safety and resources from Charlie Reisinger, Penn Manor’s Chief Information Officer.

Penn Manor Parents and Caregivers,

Digital technology offers unparalleled student opportunities for learning, teaching, creativity, and global connections. However, with these fantastic opportunities also come responsibilities and cautions. Today, I’m writing to share resources on student Internet Safety, Data Privacy, and Digital Citizenship. 

Penn Manor student Chromebooks include a content filter that blocks access to adult websites and other inappropriate material. Student Chromebooks are always filtered in school, at home, and anywhere they connect to the internet.

However, parents may wish to apply additional web filtering and browsing time limits on their home network. Options for home include tools like Xfinity Parental Controls (free), or the built-in controls on one’s home router or WiFi access point. 

Student data privacy is a district priority. Penn Manor maintains a list of the educational websites used in various classrooms. The list includes site privacy policies, which describe how the website collects and uses student data. Learn more about our online student data privacy practices on the PM website.

Penn Manor educators instruct students on how to be responsible and safe digital citizens. I welcome you to review our collection of digital citizen resources and videos. Google’s Be Internet Awesome and Common Sense Media are two more excellent parent resources.

Beyond software and systems, parents and caregivers play a crucial role in shaping students’ relationships with technology—and with each other. I encourage you to talk openly with your child about their online activities. Together, we can ensure that they benefit from technology in a way that is safe, respectful, and productive. 

Thank you for your help and support!