Photo of a group of students and adults posing with a giant check and the TangerKids logo.

Penn Manor receives $3,000 TangerKids grant

Many thanks to Tanger Outlets for donating $3,000 to Penn Manor through its TangerKids grant program.

The money will be used to fund “Practice the Pause: Reset Your Mind,” a project to create “calming spaces” in each Penn Manor school where students can go to de-escalate when they are upset or frustrated.

The grant is designed to help students “hit the reset button” and process their emotions in a healthy way to reduce the number of office referrals for discipline issues and nurse visits for overwhelmed students.

Grant money will be used to purchase fidget items, craft kits, coloring books, yoga ball chairs, puzzle games, posters, stress balls and other materials to create a space for students in distress. The goal is to help students gather themselves and prepare to return to the learning environment.

“We look forward to our students having access to the new de-escalation resources and are excited to help them learn how to regulate their emotions. This can provide the students with a sense of power and control they can carry into the rest of their lives,” said Melissa Ostrowski, Penn Manor Counseling Department Coordinator, who wrote the grant.

“We are so fortunate to have a community partner like Tanger that believed in our plan and was generous in supporting us!”

The TangerKids grant program provides nearly $200,000 in funding for special projects, programs and equipment in schools located in the communities served by Tanger Outlets.

We thank Tanger for this support.

Students, teachers and counselors pose in a group at Pequea Elementary School with a giant check for $3,000.