Photos of FFA members interacting with elementary students.

FFA members visit elementary schools to teach about agriculture

Manor FFA members visited all seven elementary schools in Penn Manor recently to share their enthusiasm for agriculture with third-graders.

During the Ag in the Classroom visits on November 14 and 16, the older students talked to the youngsters about poultry, sheep and goats and the different products, breeds and types of each animal. They also talked about their experiences in the agricultural education program at Penn Manor High School.

The students brought along three “guests” –  a lamb named Penny and two goats named Brownie and Sparky – for the students to interact with. The FFA members explained how the animals are raised and prepped for fairs and exhibitions.

“This program helps us teach the younger students about agriculture and what goes on around them on farms,” said Olivia Malpica, one of the FFA members who participated. “Most of the students that we talked to don’t live on farms, so it’s good to teach them about where everyday items, like soaps and meats, come from.”

The presenters taught students about which types of chickens produce what products, and how poultry goes from the farms to their plates. The FFA members also talked about how the avian influenza has impacted farms around Lancaster and how to prevent the spread of the disease.

In addition, adult volunteers Lamar and Debbie Stoner, Meghan and Jason Martin, Jackie and Joel Frey, Jay and Beth Hess and Lynette Brenneman taught the students about swine, dairy, and fruits and vegetables.

The Manor FFA presenters included Rachel Sensenich, Abigail Harnish, Madison Martin, Brenna Moon, Karlee Sensenig, Ceejay Rettew, Katherine Moyer, Presley Stormfeltz, Olivia Malpica and Kendall Hoenwater. Other participants were Vita Failla, Jeanette Kneisley, Jenna Smith and Molly Gehr.

Many thanks to these students and community volunteers for sharing their expertise with our younger students!

  • Photo of students with a goat.