STEM Summit gives freshmen a trial run at science and technology careers

Penn Manor ninth-graders got to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, math and the trades during a two-day STEM Summit, held in the high school auxiliary gymnasium November 30 and December 1.

Throughout both days, students rotated through seven different stations, where they got to conduct science experiments and participate in engineering and math competitions related to specific careers.

At the chemistry station, the ninth-graders poured chemicals into latex gloves and watched the chemical reaction create colorful solid hands. At other stations, they were challenged to complete a wiring circuit; conduct lab tests for signs of diabetes, mononucleosis or strep throat; and program a robot to draw designs on a dry-erase board.

At the engineering and math stations, the students competed to build the tallest structure using only spaghetti strands and masking tape and used math skills to complete color-coded puzzles.

Professionals who work in STEM fields volunteered to lead the exercises, and students got to work directly with them on activities based on engineering, biology, physics, chemistry, design and math principles used in the workplace.

Many thanks to Junior Achievement of Southcentral Pennsylvania for providing this program to Penn Manor with the assistance of community volunteers and Penn Manor students.

In all, more than 450 students got a taste of STEM careers during this thought-provoking, stimulating event.

  • Photo of students participating in the STEM Summit
    Physics activities