26 Penn Manor students qualify for state TSA conference

Twenty-six Penn Manor students have qualified to compete on the state level after their strong showing at the Technology Student Association Region 2 Conference, held Feb. 8 at Conestoga Valley Middle School.

Twelve students from Marticville and Manor middle schools and 14 Penn Manor High School students competed against their peers from Lancaster, Berks and Lebanon counties in more than 40 events, ranging from biotechnology design to music production.

Penn Manor middle school teams placed first in the categories of Biotechnology, Mass Production, Medical Technology, Prepared Speech, Tech Bowl and Safety Illustration. High school students placed first in Prepared Presentation and Extemporaneous Presentation.

Here are the students who qualified to compete at the state conference April 15-18 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Champion, PA.

High School
Prepared Presentation:
Isaac Leshok, 1st place; Jordan Schucker, 3rd place.
Extemporaneous Presentation: Isaac Leshok, 1st place.
On-Demand Video: Joshua Gillenwater, Kyle Smith and Audrey Ritchie, 2nd place.
Biotechnology Design: Mitchell Jackson, Kaylee Jackson and Isabella Price-Dubble, 2nd place.
Music Production: Kieran McFall, 3rd place.
Technology Problem-Solving: Audrey Jachimowicz and Jordan Schucker, 3rd place.
PA-Safety Illustration: Ryan Buchwalder, 3rd place.
Board Game Design: Morgan Cooper, Bernie Eckman, Kaylee Jackson, Isabella Price-Dubble and Audrey Ritchie, 4th place.
Forensic Science: Audrey Jachimowicz and Jordan Shucker, 4th place; Kayla Lineberry and Kieran McFall, 5th place.
Technology Bowl: Audrey Jachimowicz, Isaac Leshok and Jordan Shucker, 4th place;  Kayla Lineberry, Kieran McFall and Ryan Buchwalder, 10th place.
Technology Bowl, Written: Audrey Jachimowicz, 9th place.

Middle School

Biotechnology: Kaleb Kabakjan, Aman Shaik, Ben Thomas and Derek Thomas, 1st place.
Mass Production: Suren Clark, Ben Hickey, Logan Johnson, Aman Shaid, Noah Reen and Cole Troop, 1st place.
Medical Technology: Suren Clark, David Groff, Matthew Neumann, Noah Reen and Cole Troop, 1st place.
Prepared Speech: Suren Clark, 1st place; Cole Troop, 2nd place.
Tech Bowl: Suren Clark, Kaleb Kabakjan and Cole Troop, 1st place.
PA-Safety Illustration: David Groff, 1st place; Ben Hickey, 2nd place; Ethan Lama, 3rd place.
Challenging Technology Issues: Suren Clark and Ben Hickey, 2nd place.
Forensic Technology: Kaleb Kabakjan and Aman Shaik, 2nd place.
Problem Solving: Matthew Neumann and Noah Reen, 2nd place; Logan Johhnson and Derek Thomas, 6th place.
Digital Photography: Logan Johnson, 4th place; Derek Thomas, 6th place.
Dragster: Ben Thomas, 11th place; Matthew Neumann, 13th place.

Congratulations to these students for representing Penn Manor so well, and best of luck in the state competition!

Middle school TSA students with Alisha Gerhart, applied engineering and technology teacher.