Manor teachers attend Energy Education conference

Two Manor Middle School science teachers are bringing lessons about energy into their classrooms after attending the 2019 Energy Conference for Educators, sponsored by the National Energy Education Development Project, over the summer.

Jennifer Ennis and Connie Jackson attended the conference in Galveston, Texas, from July 7 to 11, along with educators from as far away as Singapore, Dubai and Alaska.

Topics included renewable and nonrenewable energy resources, their development, use and impact; transportation fuels and their impact on the economy and environment; generation and transmission of electricity; the science of energy, its forms and transformations; and efficient use of energy for conservation and waste reduction.

The teachers were able to attend thanks to the generosity of Rhoads Energy Corp., a Lancaster-based HVAC and energy provider that contributed $2,500 to cover conference and travel fees. 

“It was an honor to provide this opportunity for Mrs. Ennis and Mrs. Jackson,” said Mike DeBerdine, Rhoads Energy CEO. “We appreciate their enthusiasm to learn more about the world of energy and the desire to enhance the learning experience across the Penn Manor School District.”  

Jackson said the conference gave her several ideas for lessons to incorporate into her seventh-grade life science classes this year. 

“For example, we had to design, build and test an energy-efficient home at the conference. I am going to utilize the same techniques and have students design, build and test a model of an organism’s ability to maintain a stable internal condition – temperature,” she said.

“The conference focused on the core elements of what science is – matter or energy. The whole universe can be broken down into these two basic categories.”

Ennis, who teaches eighth grade, said collaborating with teachers from around the world at the conference “was priceless.” After returning, she shared information and materials from the conference with teachers at Marticville Middle School so teachers and students there also can benefit.

As part of the conference, Ennis and Jackson received a Science of Energy Kit that will allow students to conduct hands-on explorations of different forms of energy and how they are transformed.

Many thanks to Rhoads Energy for making this valuable experience possible for our teachers!

From left, Connie Jackson and Jennifer Ennis
Connie Jackson, left, and Jennifer Ennis.