No new lead cases reported at Penn Manor schools

Penn Manor residents may be receiving a notice in the mail from their health insurance provider indicating that lead has been found in the drinking water in Penn Manor School District.

While the issue of lead at schools has received media coverage recently, we want to assure community members that we are not aware of any lead issues at Penn Manor schools at this time.

In October 2016, we discovered elevated lead levels at two sinks at Martic Elementary School. As a precaution, we switched to bottled water at the school until the water system could be repaired and the water retested to assure there were no longer any elevated levels of lead in the system.

We also consulted with medical and engineering experts who indicated they did not believe that Martic students or staff had been exposed to dangerous levels of lead.

Also in 2016, Penn Manor tested for lead at its other schools and found no elevated levels. You can read more about those test results, and the situation at Martic here.

This year, we again will be testing for lead at all of our schools, in compliance with new state regulations. When those results are completed, we will share them with the public.

At this time, however, we are not aware of any issues involving lead in drinking water at our schools since 2016.

If you have any questions or concerns about lead testing at Penn Manor schools, please contact the superintendent’s office at (717) 872-9500 xt. 2223. If you would like additional information on having your child/children tested for lead exposure, please contact your health insurance provider.