Feedback from parents, students sought on mental health issues

Penn Manor partners with Samaritan Counseling Center to offer voluntary emotional wellness screenings to ninth-graders through the TeenHope program.

Samaritan would like to improve its screening process by surveying parents and students about their views on mental health and treatment. Below are instructions from TeenHope and a link to the surveys:

     Your children’s emotional and physical health is a key factor in how well they function in school and relate with others.  It would help us improve our emotional wellness screening program if you and your child(ren) who attend middle school or high school complete this voluntary and anonymous survey. The survey has 18 questions and should take about 5 minutes to complete. You will need to create an ID to participate.

     Please forward and/or share the link and the ID number you create with your child(ren) so they also can take the survey. This will allow us to pair your survey results while keeping them anonymous. After you share the ID, you will no longer need to remember it. The deadline for completing the survey is Monday, April 23.

   Thank you for your participation!

   Click here to begin: Parent Survey
 Teen Survey