Sen. Martin visits students at Martic Elementary

State Sen. Scott Martin gave second-graders a lesson on how government works during a visit to Martic Elementary School Thursday, March 15.

The senator, who represents about 260,000 people in District 13, was invited to speak as the culmination of a second-grade social studies unit on America and the importance of patriotism.

Students welcomed Martin with a banner adorned with images of the state seal that they had hand-colored and signed.

Martin explained how the branches of government work and how bills become law, using the fictional example of two bills – one to reduce the amount of homework students must complete (which got cheers) and another to increase homework requirements (plenty of groans).

After his presentation, he quizzed students on what they had learned.

“We wanted second-graders to know that they can make a difference in their communities,” said Kerry Bushong, a second-grade teacher at Martic who arranged the visit.  “We want them to know that patriotism is important.”

Many thanks to Senator Martin for taking time from his schedule to speak with our students!