PMHS students earn high marks in TEAMS competition

Penn Manor students placed second and fourth in two divisions of the Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science (TEAMS) competition, held Feb. 28 at Warwick High School.

The theme of the competition was “Engineering the Environment,” and students had to answer 80 multiple-choice questions on such topics as smart cars, biomimetic fluid dynamics and geothermal energy and complete a design/build challenge. Prior to the competition, students also had to write an essay.

In the 11th-12th division, the Penn Manor A team placed second, with 40 points, and the school’s B Team placed fourth, with 36 points. In the 9th-10th division, the Penn Manor team placed second, with 31 points.

Team members include:

Team A (11th & 12th)
Nick Fafel, Nora Shepps, Caleb Bye, Jackson Kuhns, Nathan Shenk, Zach Schucker, Malachi Lyon and Joshua Hiltz.

Team B (11th & 12th)
Clay Shuffelbottom, Dante Jones, Kamal Muradov, Mark Battle, Colin Morrison, Zach Holsinger, Trey Erisman and Jordan Martzall.

9th and 10th grade Team
Hannah Smith, Jackson Heiney, Ray Gerner, Matt Schaefer, Josh Heckman, Ryan Dang, Joel Stoner and Ryan Glenn.

Congratulations, competitors!