32 PM students earn TSA technology honors

Thirty-two Penn Manor students have qualified to compete on the state level after their strong showing at the Technology Student Association regional conference, held Feb. 11 at Conestoga Valley Middle School.

Eleven Penn Manor middle school students and 28 high school students competed against their peers from Lancaster, Berks and Lebanon counties in more than 40 events, ranging from structural design and engineering to extemporaneous presentation.

Penn Manor students swept the System Control Technology event, in which students must solve an on-site problem using programmablelogic controllers and Lego robotics kits. Penn Manor also placed first in high school music production and middle school biotechnology, children’s stories, digital photography, forensic technology, PA-logo design, and PA-materials process.

Here are the qualifying students: 

Marticville Middle

Kaden Allison: Catapult Design (3rd)
Max Bushong: Digital Photography (8th), Problem Solving (6th), PA-Materials Process (1st)
Grace Fafel: Children’s Stories (1st), PA-Logo Design (1st), Problem Solving (6th)
Joey Greer: Catapult Design (3rd)
Sophie Groff: Challenging Technology Issues (2nd), PA-Materials Process (2nd)
Kristen Huyser: Challenging Technology Issues (2nd)
Jaden Smith: Catapult Design (3rd)

Manor Middle

Kaylee Jackson: Biotechnology (1st), Forensic Technology (1st)
Isabella Price-Dubble: Biotechnology (1st), Forensic Technology (1st), PA-Snapshot (4th)
Jordan Schucker: Digital Photography (1st), PA-Snapshot (2nd)

High School

Josh Adams: System Control Technology (2nd)
Colin Cunningham: Technology Problem Solving (6th), Webmaster (2nd)
Alex Detter: Extemporaneous Speech (4th), Prepared Presentation (3rd), PA-Logo Design (2nd)
Bryce Eberly: Biotechnology Design (3rd), Structural Design & Engineering (2nd), System Control Technology (3rd)
Trey Erisman: System Control Technology (1st), Structural Design & Engineering (4th)
Nick Fafel: Structural Design & Engineering (4th), System Control Technology (3rd)
Josh Gerlach: Transportation Modeling (3rd)
Ray Gerner: Biotechnology Design (2nd), Children’s Stories (6th), System Control Technology (1st), Technology Problem Solving (6th)
Ethan Getz: Music Production (1st), Webmaster (2nd)
Ian Hank: Webmaster (2nd)
Josh Hiltz: Extemporaneous Speech (5th)
Bryce Julian: Biotechnology Design (2nd), Webmaster (2nd)
Calle MacDonald: Architectural Design (2nd)
Neel Mahapatra: Children’s Stories (6th), Dragster Design (13th)
Aidan McFall: Music Production (1st), System Control Technology (2nd)
Max Minnick: Biotechnology Design (3rd), Structural Design & Engineering (2nd), System Control Technology (3rd)
Matt Schaefer: Biotechnology Design (2nd), Children’s Stories (6th)
Zach Schucker: Flight Endurance (6th), System Control Technology (1st), Technology Problem Solving (9th)
Cole Shenk: Children’s Stories (6th), Flight Endurance (5th), Technology Bowl-Written (9th)
Erik Starry: Biotechnology Design (3rd)
Jared Stephan: Biotechnology Design (6th), Children’s Stories (6th)
Kevin Ward: Music Production (1st), System Control Technology (2nd)

The qualifying students are eligible to compete at the state conference, to be held April 19-22 at Seven Spring Resort in Champion, PA.