2016-2017 school year off to a smooth start

Under cool, sunny skies, Penn Manor welcomed more than 5,000 students back to its schools on Wednesday to start the 2016-2017 school year.

The students were greeted by familiar faces, along with some new ones, as 22 new teachers and counselors began their new year at Penn Manor.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Leichliter visited all nine buildings — the 10th, Conestoga Elementary, is closed for renovations — throughout the day Wednesday.

“This ranks as one of the smoothest starts in my eight years as superintendent,” he said. “I visited all our schools, and everything is running smoothly and efficiently. I want to thank the families of Conestoga Elementary students, who have adjusted to new busing schedules this year as their children attend different schools.”

Conestoga students are attending Pequea (K-2) and Martic (3-4) elementary schools and Marticville (5-6) Middle School.

Wednesday also marked the reopening of Pequea Elementary School, which was closed for renovations last year. The school hosted a rededication ceremony Sunday.

Many thanks to our Penn Manor staff, students, families and community members for making the first day such a success.