PM teaching staff completes Collins Writing training

Penn Manor welcomed the renowned writing coach John Collins to campus Tuesday to conduct a daylong series of workshops on writing in the classroom.

The entire Penn Manor teaching staff, K-12, completed the training on the Collins Writing Program, which is based on three principles:

  • Thinking and writing skills develop with frequent, meaningful practice.
  • Most students develop writing and thinking skills incrementally through a variety of informal and formal writing experiences.
  • Each of five types of writing serves a distinct instructional purpose that is easily adapted to student needs and differences between subject areas.

The goal of the training is to make students in all subjects better readers, thinkers and writers, leading to richer classroom discussions that include the ideas of all students.

The program will not replace any existing Penn Manor curricula, but will enhance instructional strategies for student understanding and mastery.

It’s a pleasure to host the energetic, engaging Collins!

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