‘Kids at Work Day’ Feb 19 at elementary schools

Penn Manor elementary schools will participate in “Kids at Work Day” on Friday, February 19, to promote career exploration and awareness among the district’s elementary students and their families.

Students will be invited to wear clothing representing a career they may be interested in exploring as an adult. For example, students may come dressed as a construction worker, doctor or teacher.

Elementary teachers and staff will participate by wearing their college, military, trade school or past/present career attire and leading students in conversations about careers.

“Kids at Work” is a good way to start conversations at home and at school about different types of careers, why someone chooses a career and what training/schooling is needed to get started in a particular career.

At Penn Manor High School, about 65% of graduates go on to 2- or 4-year colleges, about 7% go directly into the military, and about 10% go on to a one-year certificate or training program. About 15% of graduates go directly into the workforce.

Each year, about 22% of Penn Manor High School students attend the CTC to study such fields as residential carpentry, child care, culinary arts, medical assistant, diesel mechanics, automotive mechanics, heating and air conditioning, large animal science, dental assistant, plumbing and other careers.

Parents are asked to make sure their child’s “Kids at Work Day” attire is appropriate for a day of learning and will not distract other students.

For more details, and some at-home career activities and exercises for parents and children, click here.