Students and teachers pose with Hambright bricks

Hambright staff get a piece of the school’s past

When Tracy Stevens drove past the site of the former Hambright Elementary School recently, she felt sad. The school that she and her children had attended was being demolished to make way for a senior care center.

So Tracy had an idea – why not see if she could salvage some bricks from the old school to give as keepsakes to current staff at the new Hambright Elementary?

Meanwhile, Hambright student Brayden Clow had the same idea, which he shared with Tracy, a Title I aide and PTO president at the new school. On Thursday, they carried out their plan, making the rounds to distribute more than 60 bricks to the appreciative staff.

Each brick was adorned with a card, tied with string, that read: “You never leave a place you love; you take a part of it with you. – Brick from the original Hambright building 1936.”

Mrs. Stevens was joined by Brayden and three other Hambright students, including her children, Erin and Brady, and Sean Hoffman, in passing out the mementos.

The reactions ranged from tears to laughter, and every staff member seemed to cherish their own piece of Hambright’s past.

Thank you for the nice remembrance!