Penn Manor welcomes new staff for ’15-16 school year

Penn Manor welcomed 17 new teachers, nurses and counseling staff members for the 2015-2016 school year during New Teacher Orientation Day Wednesday.

In all, 22 new professional staff members have been added for the coming year, following the retirement of 11 employees in June. The new staff include:

Central Manor
Lori Bradley, physical education; Connie Kinser, kindergarten; and Shannon Madara, school counselor.

Jennifer Fisher, learning support.

Kim Braun, school nurse.

Jarred Fitzkee, grade 3.

Antonella Kirchner, kindergarten

Jourdan Brill, grade 2.

Dan Baer, learning support/life skills

Melanie Allen, grade 2; Katie Lutz, academic support/grade 3; Jillian Pechiro, grade 4; Amy Stigelman, learning support; and Stevie Younker, learning support.

High school
John Brubaker Jr., technology education/head football coach; Mallory MacPherson, art; Jodi Swartz-Rankin, learning support; John Tercha, emotional support; Kimberly Tercha, learning support/math; and Dana Wile, school counselor.

High school/Marticville
Danita Baber, school psychologist

High school/Letort/Eshleman
Alisha Gerhart, technology education

To all new staff members, welcome to the Penn Manor family, and best wishes!

new teachers 2015 8-12-15 (1024x483)
From left, Jourdan Brill, Stevie Younker, John Brubaker, Connie Kinser, Kim Braun, Jillian Pechiro, Dana Wile, Shannon Madara, John Tercha, Melanie Allen, Alisha Gerhart, Dan Baer, Katie Lutz, Jodi Swartz-Rankin, Kim Tercha, Amy Stigelman, Danita Baber and Jennifer Fisher.