Conestoga fourth-graders bring historic figures to life

About 75 family members and friends turned out Wednesday to experience the Living Wax Museum at Conestoga Elementary School.

The event challenged fourth-grade students to present an oral history of a famous person who overcame obstacles and served as a positive role model. Students dressed like their figure and stood perfectly still until someone pressed an “activation button” to begin their presentations, delivered without notes.

In addition to making their own costumes, several students included props with their characters, including a giant Hershey bar wrapper (for Milton Hershey) and a string of light bulbs (Thomas Edison). Nearly 50 fourth-graders participated, sharing their oral histories with about 200 fellow Conestoga students, in addition to the visitors.

The students researched their famous people by reading chapter books and taking notes. The activity incorporated reading, research and public speaking skills.

Fourth-grade teachers Lori Graham and Janet Ochs said it’s always interesting to see who the students chose to research. This year, two new additions were Muhammad Ali and Stephen Hawking.

Other subjects included Harry Houdini, John Deere, Clara Barton, Jane Goodall, Colin Powell, Sacagawea and Roberto Clemente.

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