Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele addresses Penn Manor honors and advanced-placement history students.

PA Secretary of State addresses PM students

Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele visited Penn Manor High School Thursday to talk to students about the importance of voting.

Aichele heads the Pennsylvania Department of State, which administers Pennsylvania’s electoral process and oversees the licensing of nearly 1 million business, health care and real estate professionals.

She urged students who are eligible to vote to participate in the electoral process, pointing out that a mere 537 votes decided the highly contested 2000 presidential election. Aichele added that many races for elected office in Lancaster County are decided by just a handful of votes, so every vote counts.

After reviewing the voter registration application process with students, she fielded questions on a variety of topics, from the high cost of college tuition to the reasons why young people leave Pennsylvania after college.

Her audience was composed of students in honors and advanced-placement United States history classes.