PMHS students get instant admission to MU

Nineteen Penn Manor High School seniors got an early jump on their post-high school academic careers Tuesday when they were accepted for admission to Millersville University during an “instant admission” event at the high school.

PMHS partnered with the university to give students who had already applied to Millersville a “thumbs up or down” on the spot at Tuesday’s event, the first of its kind held at Penn Manor. Of the 27 students who participated, 19 were accepted for the 2015-16 school year.

“This really moves things along for students,”  said PMHS counselor Melissa Ostrowski. “Students who may not otherwise have applied this early in the school year now have a firm post-secondary plan.  That is ultimately the goal of Penn Manor High School — to prepare students for life after high school.”

Another benefit for those who participated: MU waived its admissions application fee.

Students who attended the event listened to a presentation on the university by MU staff. At the end of the session, they received an envelope with a letter indicating whether or not they had been admitted. Those who were not accepted learned what they need to do to try again.

Ostrowski said she’s hoping the “instant admission” event is offered again next year.

“Anything we can do to facilitate the admissions process and help our families out is a plus,” she said.

Group shot of PMHS students accepted in to Millersville University.
These are some of the 19 PMHS students who learned Tuesday they have been accepted to Millersville University.