Team members lose hair to help cancer patients

The locks were flying Monday as members of the Penn Manor High School girls’ volleyball team and two of their coaches got their heads clipped to benefit programs for people with cancer.

It was all part of the “Pony-Tail Gate,” held prior to the team’s final regular-season home game against Warwick.

Twelve members of the team agreed to have at least eight inches of their hair shorn to make natural wigs for cancer patients. When the clippers went silent, the players had donated 123 inches of hair in a variety of colors and textures.

Head coach Tim Joyce then got his head shaved, honoring a pledge he made if the team raised more than $2,000 during “Pink Out,” a district-wide effort to raise funds for cancer research and support programs. After Joyce was shorn, assistant coach Scott Files also got into the act and had his noggin shaved.

Money raised by the team members, coaches and supporters was donated to the LG Health Cancer Support Fund, which provides a financial safety net for people undergoing cancer treatments.

And those 12 bags of ponytails carefully snipped from the players?

They’re being donated to Beautiful Lengths, a partnership between Pantene and the American Cancer Society that has provided 24,000 natural wigs to women battling cancer across the country.

Thanks to the players, coaches and fans who supported the effort. And a special thanks to the stylists who donated their time to make Pony-Tail Gate a success — Erica Lapp of Stylize and Kim Rinier of Head Quarters Family Hair Care.

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