Emphasis is on wellness this week

Did you know that today is “No Moan Monday”? Well, it’s the first day of another Wellness Week, when staff members are encouraged to make small, positive changes to improve their health.

Here are the themes for the rest of this week:

  •  Tuesday, April 22 – Tasty Tuesday, emphasizing healthy foods/beverages. Your building wellness representative should give you more details on this day.
  •  Wednesday, April 23 – Water and Workout Wednesday. Try to increase your water intake—be mindful of drinking other beverages—and put some exercise into your day.
  •  Thursday, April 24– Team Theme. Join a partner or group for some wellness time—a buddy walk over lunch, perhaps–or engage in positive social time with faculty or family activities.
  • Friday, April 25 – “Fill Your Colleagues’ Buckets” on Friday to Pay It Forward.  Slip a positive, complimentary note into your colleagues’ mailboxes and put an extra smile in their day.  ( This is NOT a “dress-down” day.)

For more information, contact your building wellness representative.