PMHS to present ‘Locker Next 2 Mine’ April 11-12

Penn Manor High School’s drama department often presents a spring play that appeals to younger children, but this year, it decided to tackle a show with more mature themes relating to a new student organization at the school.

Called Aevidum, the club was formed this year to raise awareness about teen depression and suicide and create “a culture of caring” in which students watch out for each other. This year’s play, “The Locker Next 2 Mine,” ties into those themes.

To be presented April 11-12, the play focuses on Alisa, a student entering a new high school in the middle of her junior year. Her locker is next to a sprawling shrine for Beth, a lacrosse player who died a year earlier in a car accident.

While the school is in a state of non-stop remembrance for Beth, Alisa learns that there was another student death that no one is talking about – and it’s left many of the school’s students trying to pick up their own pieces.

“Locker” takes an unflinching look at bullying, teen suicide and dealing with loss.

“These issues are some of the most difficult struggles that teenagers face, and it’s important to address these concerns and educate others on how to support each other,” said Kim Marsh, an adviser to the Aevidum Club. “Addressing topics such as these isn’t easy, but it’s necessary.”

Because of the mature themes and language, the play is not suitable for younger children.

“Locker” will be performed at 7:30 p.m. April 11 and 12 in the Penn Manor High School auditorium. Following the shows, the playwright, Jonathan Dorf, will engage the audience in an open discussion about issues raised in the play.

Tickets are $2 for students and $5 for adults. The ticket order form is available here.

Students, from left, Abby Geiger, Maddy Beatty and Alyssa Crook rehearse a scene from “The Locker Next 2 Mine.”