Conestoga ES garden hosts Lighten Up Lancaster group

Members of Lighten Up Lancaster County toured Conestoga Elementary School’s Discovery Garden Sept. 11 as part of the organization’s effort to promote school/community gardens elsewhere in Lancaster County. Members are sharing ideas and resources so other organizations and schools can develop their own gardens and promote healthy nutrition.

Built and funded entirely by parent volunteers and PTO members, the Discovery Garden is considered a model school/community garden, according to Lighten Up Lancaster coordinator Beth Schwartz, who organized the tour. Last year, the garden produced more than 10 pounds of potatoes, along with squash, broccoli, cauliflower, beets and turnips, all of which were harvested, baked, fried and eaten by students engaged in lessons tied to garden activities. So far this year, the Discovery Garden has produced enough salsa for four classes and enough margarita pizza for two classes.

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