Annual Spelling Bee Winners Crowned

The top three spellers in fifth and sixth grade from each of the seven elementary schools competed on Friday, February 8 at Conestoga Elementary School in the annual elementary spelling bee. First up were the fifth grade spellers. After many rounds, the final two spellers went head to head. Eshleman fifth grade student Julie Claar (left in photo) misspelled superior. Central Manor fifth grade student Mary Vozzella (right in photo) successfully spelled that word and then the next word, probably, and was declared the winner.

After the fifth grade awards were presented, the sixth grade spellers took to the stage. The final two spellers, Martic sixth grade student Nate Metzler (left in photo) and Eshleman sixth grade student Lisa Schaefer faced off in the final round. Nate misspelled the word allegiance. Lisa correctly spelled the word and also the next word, inflammation, to claim the sixth grade crown.

Congratulations to all the spelling bee participants on a job well done!