Big Rig Hauling Lesson at Eshleman

Students in Mrs. Chismar’s first grade class at Eshleman Elementary learned a little bit about big rig hauling. Mr. Crowther, a 21st Century Skills teacher, brought a lesson in the first grade reading curriculum to life. After reading the story, Big Rig, Mr. Crowther, with help from Mr. McKnight, Applied Engineering and Technology Education teacher, Mr. Nesmith, the Twilight School Director, and several Twilight students helped students load big rig Lego trucks with cargo. The students were challenged to fit as many pieces of cargo as possible into a Lego truck and then empty the truck counting the cargo in groups of five. A Lego flat bed truck tested problem solving skills. How do you place three rings on a flat bed and not have them roll off when the truck goes down the ramp? Using just 6 additional Lego pieces, and after some trial and error, the two person teams were able to accomplish the feat.

Penn Manor School District is the only school district in Pennsylvania that offers a program in applied engineering geared to students in grades 1 through 6. The Big Rig Hauling lesson will be taught in all first grade classes in the district this year.