Manor Middle School exterior

Air Quality at Manor MS Letter

The following letter will be sent home with students at Manor MS on October 15. To view the complete Air Quality Report, please click here.

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Fournier, Robson & Associates recently conducted air quality testing at Manor Middle School. This was due to various moisture concerns at several locations within the building, which included a fungus that was discovered on a number of ceiling air diffusers in the library. Penn Manor School District pursued air quality testing because some of the sources for concern were unknown.

The district, working in cooperation with Fournier, Robson & Associates of Lancaster, a local air quality consultant, tested air samples on Thursday, October 11th  in rooms 107, 108, 112, 121, and the library. In addition, they tested an outdoor air sample for comparison purposes. A summary of the report is listed below:

The data obtained during my site visit on October 11, 2012 indicate that only room 121 [cultural arts room not currently in use] and the Library had elevated levels of mold, specifically Aspergillus/Penicillium-type spores. Room 121 had 1,500 spores/m3 and the Library had 1,300 spores/m3. These results are elevated compared to the result of 160 spores/m3 of Aspergillus/ Penicillium-type spores in the outdoor sample. The data for the “other particles” were unremarkable.

The results were reviewed with the School District’s physician, Dr. Jon Ichter of Manor Family Health. Dr. Ichter advised the district to follow through with recommendations from the company and to continue to monitor the situation. He indicated that Lancaster County, particularly areas in the midst of farmland like Manor Middle, has one of the highest areas of diversity of spores in the world. As a result, the district does not intend to limit usage of the library at this time.

The library ceiling air diffusers were thoroughly disinfected and cleaned as recommended by the consultants. At this time a ventilation system inspection company is working with Penn Manor School District to inspect and address areas that may be of concern.

Please feel free to contact my office or Mr. Edwards, principal of Manor Middle, if you have questions. We will provide an update to you as we learn more information. A copy of this letter along with the testing report from Fournier, Robson & Associates can be found on the school district website.


Michael G. Leichliter, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools