PSSA Results for 2012

Penn Manor is proud of our 2012 performance of the statewide Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) results released today by Secretary of Education Ron Tomalis.  While we did not make all of the increased national targets for all of our schools, the results clearly indicate that the vast majority of students in Penn Manor are performing well above the expectations of No Child Left Behind.  While we continue to strive for higher achievement, we are proud of the performance of our students and the instruction provided by our teachers.

Eshleman Elementary has traditionally been one of the higher performing elementary schools in Lancaster.  This year they made 12 of the 13 targets missing the target for the economically disadvantaged subgroup in reading.  After reviewing the scores for all student, if one student in that subgroup had answered one or two more questions correctly, they would have met all targets this year.

Penn Manor High School has worked hard to make AYP and has met all academic targets for 2012.  The district has appealed the finding that Penn Manor High School missed the economically disadvantaged subgroup for graduation rate and is working with the Department of Education to provide documentation in order to overturn this ruling.
The link to the PSSA results for 2012 is If you have questions about the results, please contact your child’s school or the district office.