Suspicious Vehicle Alert

A letter was sent home with today with Marticville Middle School and Martic Elementary School students regarding a suspicious vehicle/man observed in the area. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Pennsylvania State Police.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Pennsylvania State Police visited both Marticville Middle School and Martic Elementary School today to provide an update on an incident that occurred last week in Providence Township when a young girl was approached by a man in a white van.

The state police are now able to provide a detailed description of the van and occupant. It is a white van with a 5 inch wide turquoise color strip (peeling) near the bottom of the van. There is a metal ladder attached to the right rear passenger door. On the driver’s side, there is a square shaped window behind the driver’s seat and a long horizontal shaped window that runs the length of the van.

The suspect is a white, non-hispanic male, approximately 20-25 years of age. He has short (close shaved) dark hair, thicker facial hair on the chin area with thin handlebar style facial hair up the jawline towards the ears. No mustache.

You are encouraged to contact the state police or your child’s school if you observe this vehicle and/or suspect.  The Penn Manor staff and bus drivers have also been alerted to this situation. Thank you for your help in keeping all children safe.


Dr. Michael G. Leichliter
Superintendent of Schools