Penn Manor Welcomes New Teachers

Penn Manor will be welcoming 22 new teachers when the 2012-2013 school year begins on Monday, August 27. At the new teacher orientation, 17 of those new teachers participated in a district scavenger hunt. Pictured are: (Front row, left to right) Jenna Boyd (Central Manor, grade 2), Ryan Mitten (Central Manor, grade 3), Sara Evans-Bodde (PMHS, English), Alison Weidman (Central Manor, grade 5), Kathleen Beaver (PMHS, Science), Beth Schoelkopf (Central Manor, grade 6), Jamie Golden (PMHS, Chemistry), Kerry Bushong (Martic, grade 2) (Back row, left to right) Lindsey Clark (PMHS, Chemistry), Cynthea Eisenhauer (Manor Middle, Learning Support), Jolyn Wolf (PMHS, Math), Elizabeth Bender (PMHS, Math), Jane Myers (PMHS, Math), Katherine Watkins (Central Manor, grade 6), Jeffrey Heiney (Hambright, grade 4), Jerrell Birch (Central Manor, grade 5), Megan Peart (Martic, grade 3). Not pictured are Lisa Angelucci (PMHS, English), Angela Gallello (Hambright, ESL), Karen Reen (Hambright, grade 4), Stephanie Martin (PMHS, Learning Support), and Drew Wilson (PMHS, English).