Burn Book Rumor Unfounded

On Saturday, August 18, 2012 the school district was notified of a rumor involving the alleged suicide of a Penn Manor student.  The rumor being circulated on various social media sites states that a student entering 9th grade, Emma Kuhlin, committed suicide over issues related to cyberbullying through an online “Burnbook.”

The school district, assisted by Millersville Borough Police Officer Jason Hottenstein, has thoroughly investigated this rumor.  The Penn Manor School District has no record of a student by the name of Emma Kuhlin.  Additionally, the Lancaster County Coroner’s Office has confirmed that there have been no teen deaths in the community related to a child by the name of Emma Kuhlin.

Cyberbullying is a serious issue and we encourage any child or parent who has knowledge of this type of behavior to immediately contact school officials or the local police for assistance.  Rumors, especially those involving the death of a child, spread through word of mouth or social media can also cause undue harm to individuals or organizations and are equally unacceptable.  I encourage anyone with firsthand knowledge of the death of a student to contact either a building principal or the superintendent’s office at 872-9500.  The school district stands ready to assist our students and families in dealing with grief related to tragic circumstances.

Lancaster Newspapers recently published a story entitled ‘Burn books’ are sparking controversy.  We applaud their efforts to raise awareness of the serious nature of cyberbullying.  For additional information visit http://lancasteronline.com/article/local/715621_-Burn-books–are-sparking-controversy.html