Pequea Students Send Principal to the Roof

Students at Pequea Elementary School were challenged by their principal, Ms. Santaniello, to try to raise more than $15,000 for their Race for Education fundraiser this past fall. If they could achieve the goal, Ms. Santaniello and building secretary, Mrs. Campbell, would spend a night on the roof of the school building. Once all the funds were collected and counted, the ladies found out that they would be camping out on the roof! At the end of the school day on Thursday, May 3, the Willow Street Fire Company lifted Ms. Santaniello and Mrs. Campbell up to the roof. Ms. Santaniello read bedtime stories during the evening via computer to the Pequea students and then the two roof-dwellers settled down for the night. On Friday morning, the duo greeted students as they arrived at school.  For more pictures see Ms. Santaniello’s blog at