Letort 3rd Grade Students Experience Christmas Around the World

Students in Mrs. Wright’s and Mrs. Egan’s third grade classes at Letort Elementary were able to “visit” six different countries to learn where some American Christmas traditions originated. The tradition of decorating a tree for the holiday was adopted from Germany. While visiting Germany, the students made a snowman ornament. Singing carols and enjoying sweets originated in Italy. Students listened to seasonal music and tried traditional Italian sweets. The first Christmas cards were created in England so while visiting that station, students made a Christmas card and wrote a special message for their families. In Mexico, students made maracas as Mariachi bands are a big part of their celebration. Decorating with Poinsettias is a Mexican tradition that has become part of an American Christmas. Students visited Israel to learn about Hanukkah and played a game of dreidel.  Finally, the students visited Kenya to learn about Kwanzaa and played a game associated with the holiday.