100 Days of School

Thursday, February 10 was the 100th day of school for elementary students. Students in Mrs. St. John’s third grade class at Eshleman Elementary celebrated in a big way! During the day, the class:

1.  Read 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler
2.  Did 100 math facts
3.  Created Dollar words – try to find words that have the value of exactly 100 cents (a=26, b-25, c=24, etc.)
4.  Collectively read 100 poems
5.  Spelled 100 words
6.  Listed 100 adjectives
7.  Each child wrote what they would do if they had $100
8.  Executed 100 jumping jacks (pictured)
9.  As a class, wrote 100 kind sentiments (each child wrote 4 or 5 simple sentences to that many friends telling them what they like about that person — “I think you’re kind because you always help other people.”)

Only 80 more school days to go!