Students Celebrate Chinese New Year

Patty Detter’s first grade class at Eshleman Elementary and Wendy Letavic’s high school ELL (English Language Learner) buddies celebrated the Chinese New Year on February 3. The celebration was planned as a surprise for high school student Xue-An. He has been in the United States for a short time and the students wanted to make this a special day for him. The first grade students decorated their classroom with Chinese lanterns and many wore traditional Chinese clothing. The high school ELL students helped the younger students make traditional fans and Chinese bead bracelets. For a treat, all the students dined on rice,oranges slices, and giant homemade fortune cookies. The students had a chance to try out chopsticks as well. The first grade students also learned about China, the Chinese culture and how to write their names using the Chinese alphabet. Pictured is Xue-An and his first grade buddy, Emily.