Post Presidency
After his retirement, James Buchanan wrote Mr. Buchanan's Administration on the Eve of the Rebellion. The Rebellion was the Civil War. That was were the states in the South were fighting with the states in the North over representation in Congress and over slavery. He wrote this because people were blaming him for the Civil War.

During his retired years he kept busy entertaining friends, playing cards, and helping other people. James Buchanan liked children and helping them! He also tried to help poor people. He built a building and filled it with coal and wood for widows and poor people to come and take for free to use as heat.
People think James Buchanan died in the sick room of Wheatland, which was his head housekeeper's (Miss Hetty) bedroom. Because he was single, the head housekeeper took care of sick family members the way a mother or wife would. He died around 8:30 Monday morning June 1,1868 at age 77. He only wanted a small funeral but 20,000 people came anyway.

People stopped accusing him of starting the Civil War after he died. They said, "Maybe he wasn't so bad after all."

James Buchanan is remembered for lots of things. England and America were not on speaking terms because America broke away from England and became its' own country. James Buchanan changed those bad feelings to friendship again.
James Buchanan was nice and kind . He raised two children, one niece Harriet Lane and one nephew Buck Henry. He supported many of his relatives with money. He helped poor people.

He also will be remembered for trying to prevent the Civl War. Lastly, he helped America's relationship with Russia and the Indians.
James Buchanan - Pre Presidency
James Buchanan - Presidency