Pre Presidency
On April 23, 1791, James Buchanan was born in Stoney Batter , close to Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. He was born in the same year that George Washington was president, so he was James Buchanan's hero. James was the second of eleven children, though the first child died less than a year after birth. When James was young, he worked at his father's store. He wasn't as serious a student as his brothers and sisters and his parents expected more of him. He worked as hard as he could at what he did.

His father worked with lawyers and in politics and James got very interested in this.

James Buchanan went to Dickenson law school in Carlisle. Pennsylvania. He entered Dickenson at the age of sixteen. He studied Law and he also studied Latin, Greek, English as well as Reading, Writing, and Math.
When he was 23 years old, he started working in politics. James' father's interest in politics and the political conversations he was used to hearing around home, made his choice to work in politics a natural one. Some of the positions he held were Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Ambassador to Russia, Ambassador to Great Britain, and a lawyer.
In 1819, James Buchanan had a girl friend named Ann Coleman. They got engaged and were to be married, but her father said no. Unfortunately, she died a couple weeks later while visiting her sister . Perhaps James never loved again.

In 1848, he moved into a 22 acre home with his niece, Harriet Lane. The house was called Wheatland and is located in Lancaster.
James Buchanan - Presidency
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