Pre Presidency Information
Harriet Rebecca Lane was born on May 9,1830 in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. She had one sister and several brothers. Harriet's mother and father died when she was 11. This made her an orphan. An orphan is a child whose parents have died before they are old enough to take care of themselves.

Her uncle, James Buchanan, took her in to live with him. Eventually they moved to Wheatland.
Because James was a bachelor, he had a housekeeper that did similar jobs that a wife or mother would do. His housekeeper's name was Miss Hetty. James Buchanan introduced young Harriet Lane to Miss. Hetty. She was really nice. Harriet thought she was pleasant looking. Miss Hetty helped Harriet a lot.
Harriet Lane - First Lady
Harriet Lane - Post Presidency
Harriet Lane and James went to Bedford Springs to vacation several times. While Harriet was there she met Henry Elliot Johnston. When she left Bedford Springs they wrote back and forth. Eventually they would fall in love and marry.